Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Listening to my body….

And it sucks. I am still trying to get over my sinus infection and when the alarm went off at 4:10 am I felt so horrible and was so tired that I just decided that I needed more sleep. I went back to bed and slept 3 more hours! I also missed last nights interval workout because both Cory and I had to work late (again). I am really bummed because this week was supposed to be a really hard training week leading up to next week being an easy week because I will be out of town. So I hope even though today is a long work day that we might get a run in so that I don’t feel like a complete sloth today. At least I rode my bike to work today.

My bike sitting in my office, I don’t trust is outside the gates.

I was at costco the other night and came across a kids book about animals so obviously I had to flip through it and I came across this:
Can anyone tell me what wrong with this picture? This is supposed to be an educational book
and they but a picture of a chimpanzee and label it a Monkey. Chimps are not monkeys, they are Apes, but this is why so many people don’t know the difference. I know I may be one of the only people that care but a printed “educational” book about animals should really do their research.

**stepping back off my soap box.


  1. How great you rode to work today! It was beautiful! Always nice to find another Denver blogger. :)

  2. You have to take it easy when you're sick! :( Glad you were able to ride to work!

    I think you should write to the authors of the book and correct them! Seriously.