Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When will there be balance in my life!?!?!?!

I am staring down my 30th birthday and it’s affecting me in a way I wouldn’t have thought it would. I am not worried about getting older in fact I look forward to it. I feel like 30 has been a long time coming. I am married, own my second home and have my dream job (although it is turning out to be much more demanding and stressful than I thought it would be). Given all of these things you would think I would already feel like a grown up, but I don’t. It’s the little things that bother me and make me feel like I am living like a teenager. With my birthday looming I feel a lot of internal pressure to figure these things out. Mostly it’s balance that I think I need to figure out. I can’t seem to train for races with consistency AND keep my house from being a mess. I can’t seem to take my job seriously without letting my friendships lag, or take care of my yard and be a responsible pet owner, etc. etc. etc. I feel like I can’t ever get it all done without being exhausted and overstressed, I can’t even imagine trying to do all this AND have kids! How do people do it? How does everyone else fit it all in?

Ok, enough pity partying for me, back to work!


  1. I felt the same way turning 30 this year. But the day came and went and I'm still the same person! :) Don't sweat it!

  2. It's been eons since I was 30 (though I remember it well :) ) and you just balance it all out best you can. I ran my first marathon when my twins were 2 and my daughter 7 and I worked....you just prioritize a lot differently and YOU time suddenly becomes your training and nothing else. Ha. 30 is a great year, enjoy it!!!! :)