Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How it all started

I have always been a very casual runner a couple miles here or there when I wanted to lose weight. But I grew up in a running family (all marathoners except me) and I enjoyed participating in short fun runs. This year over Christmas I decided I wanted to do something bigger so I convinced my husband Cory to train and run a half marathon. Cory likes running but doesn't love it, he loves to cycle. Since Cory was willing to train and race a half marathon with me, I suggested that we ride a metric century in June. This was a big undertaking given that I didn't even have a road bike at the time. After spraining my ankle on a trail run this winter I started swimming while I couldn't run. Cory pointed out that since we were running, swimming and cycling.....that maybe we should think about ding a triathlon. I wasn't excited about the prospect. Triathlons seem SO complicated, what do you wear? Doesn't it suck riding your bike and running wet? But I was game to try it, we had recently bought me a beautiful new road bike and I wanted to put her to good use.

Now I am convinced that we will someday do an Ironman!

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