Sunday, August 22, 2010


For the last 5 weeks my right knee just hasn't felt normal, it feels week during normal activities and I got a stabbing pain when I would run. I was convinced I would heal with just a bit of time off, so I took a week off and then competed in a the Loveland Lake triathlon. The run is only a 5k so it didn't hurt too bad. The next week I ran 13 miles on a treadmill, it hurt but I was determined to keep up with marathon training. The next week I ran 15 miles but it took me over 3 hours because of all of the stopping and walking. Finally last week I went to the doctor to talk about the pain that wouldn't go away. My general practice doctor thinks it's a torn meniscus and recommended that I see an Orthopedic surgeon. I was able to see an ortho the next day, the guy was an a** and he thinks it may be a deep knee bruise with a *slight* tear in the meniscus. I have been instructed to not do any "loading" activities (aka running) for 4 to 6 weeks and then I can only slowly start back into running IF I have no pain. If I do have pain after 6 weeks of rest then it's surgery time.

I am devastated, so much time off of training, so many planned races sucks, and honestly I am pretty depressed about it. I can still swim and bike (as long as it doesn't hurt) but I love to run, I am a runner who just also does triathlons. I am tempted to sit around for this time getting fat and feeling sorry for myself, that would be easier to do, but I would rather do something productive during this forced downtime. So my plan is to work on my swim and bike fitness as much as I can and try to get closer to "training weight" so come spring I can get down to "race weight"easily. So in an effort to use this time productively here are my goals:

1. lose 8 to 10 lbs
2. swim, bike, do yoga or lift weights 6 days a week
3. Ice and take vitamins everyday


  1. I think it's a perfect time to cross train. Definitely rest that knee, as sucky as that might be, in hopes of it not getting worse. Keep that chin up girl!

  2. Well, we what a disaster of a doctor plan I currently have (aka: none!) but if he didn't do an MRI, I'd go find one that does, just to make sure he didn't misdiagnosis. I can't tell you how many friends had this happen. Nevertheless, totally understand your frustration. If one more person tells me it's a great time to crosstrain, I think I'll shoot myself. Ha. And I'm joining you on the quest for poundage down...we can join a club :). Hang in there!!!