Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe – Peak Training Week #1

Last week was my first week in official peak training for Tahoe. My workouts haven’t changed that much, they are just a little longer/harder (10 miles of intervals instead of 6, etc) and weekends are really long to simulate some race fatigue. There will be 4 weeks of peak training then taper, then race day (SO CLOSE!). Week two is actually a bit light compared to some of the others because the semester is staring and I am teaching on Saturday and we are celebrating my dad’s 65th birthday on Sunday so there is no way I am getting 6+ hour training days in. Big workouts are getting shifted to Mon-Tues of week 3 when I have time off of work so week 3 is going to be extra big. Hopefully I will be able to recap it all here for posterity. Here was Peak week #1:

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 1.5 mile open water swim – it’s now dark at 5:30 at the lake, it’s nice to watch the sunrise but not so fun to swim in the dark.IMG_0201.JPG

Running Speed work at the track – standard

Wednesday: First day of Climbing Camp (more on this later, but it’s crazy cool)

Strength training

Thursday: Was supposed to run or swim but my pug was acting sick so I stayed home and did strength training to keep an eye on him. He seems fine, I think he just wanted more attention.

Pm- short run

Friday: 25 mile rideIMG_0218.JPG

Saturday: 3 hour bike ride with lots of climbing and strength training

Sunday: 3 hour bike ride followed by a 16 mile run (was supposed to be a 20 mile run but I ran out of fluids early, it was 97 degrees and I was feeling really bad so I cut it short, boo)

This week had a couple challenging days. Sunday included me wrecking my bike, getting stung repeatedly and getting dehydrated. But I tried to just keep going, these hard days make race day easier. I wrapped up the week with 18:41 hours of training.

This week will be a challenge to get everything in as it’s back to school for my students and we have family coming to stay with us, wish me luck, under 5 weeks to go!!!


  1. Your posts are inspiring! Keep at it!
    I really appreciate your candidness re:training and keeping it real/balance with life as it happens. I thinking of doing a 70.3, and your blog is definitely motivating me.

  2. HI Wendy- thanks! it's definitely a challenge to fit everything in!

  3. Awesome week of training! And, Sunday… nice work! I love running when it's hot, but 97 degrees is brutal :) Can't wait to hear more about climbing camp… sounds like my kinda camp!

    Hope your pup is ok!