Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Faves

Hi Friends, I hope you are having a fabulous Friday! I am staring down one of my biggest training weekends ever with 100 miles of biking, 20 miles of running and 2.4 miles open water swimming. So please send happy, healthy knee thoughts to me this weekend!

As it’s a fun way to kick off the weekend I thought I might highlight some of my favorite things lately:

My Betty Designs Water bottle, helps me get through the day and remember to stay hydrated


Open water swimming in the morning at Grant Ranch, I will miss this soon!


Homemade iced coffee, that afternoon cup really hits the spot.


Frozen Yogurt, one of the dew things that can help me get out the door when I don’t want to do an after work training session.


My Renegade bracelet from Stella & dot makes me feel a little like a cool girl


What are some of your favorites?

I think I will do a triathlon specifics faves soon as there are certain things that really help me power through these 20+ hour training weeks.


  1. Wow, your training weekend is intense! I'm sure you'll kill it! And that bracelet is awesome. :)

  2. Beautiful lake shot... good luck on your big weeks ahead!!

  3. I would love swimming a whole lot more if that's where I was swimming… gorgeous! My current faves: my new Oakley Miss Conduct Square sunnies, CEP compression socks, lululemon bliss break wrap :)

  4. Wow- hope your weekend went well! That is a BIG weekend!
    Your swim lake is gorgeous! I think I'd like swimming if I could practice there :)