Monday, July 22, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Training – 10 weeks to go

WOW, just 2 months from today is race day, time is FLYING! This week went ok for my knee it’s just been a challenge to fit everything in! Last week was bigger than the week before and this coming week will be 20+ hours (wish me luck) then a mini taper before Boulder 70.3. Here is how last week shaped up:

Monday: Early morning swim 2,500m

Hip strengthening exercises in the evening, I am supposed to do these every day and that has been a GIANT fail, I must get better at this for my physical health!
Tuesday: 70 minute spin class
PM: Standard track session

Wednesday: 24 mile ride with hill climbs
PM: Strength Training

Thursday: Open Water Swim Clinic and strength training

Friday : Planned Rest day

Saturday: Unplanned rest day (was supposed to swim but our dog Bailey was sick and needed to go to the vet). After Bailey felt better we ran some errands, and went to a first birthday party.
Sunday: 100 mile ride with hills and 20 minute t-run. This was my longest ride since Ironman CdA last year and only my third time riding over 100 miles. It went much smoother than last year. On the other hand last year I rode the century the day after a 25k trail race so maybe it’s not a great comparison.
This week added up to just 16 hrs and 15 minutes, a little less then I was hoping given the unplanned rest day. Also running was dismal last week with less than 10 miles. This week will have a lot more running and a lot more hills!

How did your week look?

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