Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe - 11 Weeks To Go

On my training schedule coach started listing weeks left to go, made my heart skip a beat or two! This week was hopefully the last lightish week modified for my knee injury, hoping to be back at it strong next week! So here is the quick and dirty of how last week went down:

Monday: 30 mile ride after workIMG_0120.JPG
Tuesday: Speed work at the track

Wednesday: 90 minute spin classIMG_0114.JPG
pm: Strength

Thursday: am- run
pm- Strength

Friday: Open water swim IMG_0175.JPG

Saturday: "longish" run at 9,000+ elevationIMG_0163.JPG

Sunday: Longest swim since IMCDA 2.4 miles open water, felt pretty good, then hill repeats on the bike (didn't feel so good)

Closed the week with 13.5 hours training. I expect that to increase a lot next week hoping for the best! How was your week?

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  1. Great week, Beth! It's crazy how quickly the weeks pass, isn't it?! Eek! :) That last pic is gorgeous! Do you swim there?!