Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Matthew Winters Trail

I really love trail running, and finding a new trail to run on is one of my favorite things in the world. I find trail running in Colorado very different than running on streets or paths with all the hills and technical sections. So I don't always get to spend time on the trails like I would like. If I have 20 miles on my schedule it my be too difficult for ME to do so on a trail (I know ultra runners do it all the time but I can't on top of Ironman training) but I do find anything less than 10 miles works and is a good hill workout. This past weekend, I had a shorter run on my schedule so I hopped on the internet and found a new trail not too far from our house. Matthew Winters Trail seemed like a good choice. DSCN8228.JPG

Everything is SO green right now!


The trail started out rolling and very runnabel


There were some deer along the trail




As we ran into the south parking lot we could have turned around and headed back the way we came or along the Dakota Ridge trail. We opted for Dakota Ridge, but if I could go back I would backtrack. Dakota Ridge trail is beautiful but not runnable for me, it was steep uphill on rocky terrain that often had stairs cut in. I really did enjoy the views, unfortunately our camera died halfway through so no pictures of the second part.

Do you enjoy trail running? Do you find it difficult to run as far?


  1. That is a great looking trails, I like trails, but like you, I need to concentrate on my IM, but afterwards, I am going to run more on them

  2. My BF just did a 50k and he did a 20 some mile training run at Matthew Winters, Dakota Ridge and somethign with a Z through red rocks. I have a hard time being ok with a slower pace, plus I also wipe out a lot. I also recently read an intersting article about Leanda Cave having an injury and only being able to run a slow, heavy pace up hill on a treadmill and then coming out of the injury and running faster than ever. I think you could include in IM training and go for time not distance!

  3. What a beautiful trail! I really need to move to CO :) I love trail running and am planning to run my first 10K trail race on Wednesday!