Monday, May 20, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe – Week 20

I can’t believe it’s week 20 already, about 125 days until Ironman Lake Tahoe! So far training has been fun, a little sporadic and light hearted. I have a work trip coming up this week that will disrupt training so my plan is to do what I can now and really start focused training when I am back on June 3rd. Here is how last week shaped up:

Monday: 12 mile easy run before work
PM: a MUCH needed massage!


Tuesday: 2600 m swim (had to miss track because I had a work event in the evening)

Wednesday: am strength training
PM: 80 minute trainer ride

Thursday: yoga with the pug
PM: Maters Swim: 3100 yds

Friday: 4.5 mile tempo run
PM: Friday night climb 28 miles

Saturday80 mile ride (no big climbs) with a 15 min t-run. This ride felt great, I finally feel like I am making some progress on the bike

Sunday: 6.5 mile hilly trail run

Total ~ 17.5 hrs training. I would have liked to have gotten in one more swim and one more strength session last week but BBQ plans trumped even open water swim. I am so excited that it’s officially triathlon season. Lots of friends racing and an Ironman to follow almost every weekend makes me happy.

What did your week look like?

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  1. The time now is flyinggggg by, tooooo fast too

    My key workout is a 6 hour ride and 3 hour run

    And a sprint on Saturday