Friday, February 22, 2013

Temperature Debate

The temperature is forecasted to be in the high 40s in the Denver/Boulder Area tomorrow. I am not completely sure as to what to do about my 3.5 hour ride that is on the schedule for tomorrow. Last time I road outside my hands and feet went numb and I was miserable. I do think with better toe covers and the fact that it is supposed to be sunny (and that helps a lot in Colorado) I could ride without too much suffering . 
So here’s the question would you choose to risk being cold/slipping on the ice to get in 60 miles outside (oh and spend $$$ so the hubs an I have better cold weather gear) tomorrow or play it safe and (suffer mentally) ride inside on the trainer?

Training update- Things are going pretty well, normal Ironman training aches and pains. This week has been a recovery week, normally I don’t like recovery weeks and want to push higher volume still but I needed the extra time to study and get assignments done, so no complaining from me! Next week bumps up to 18 hrs+ training, let's see if I can make that work with grad school!?!?


  1. Too cold. But actually I think the ice and sand is what doesn't make it worth it. I'm having the same debate but I think with the BF out of town and sketchy road conditions I'd better stick to the trainer!

  2. I was about to say 40 was smoking hot for Denver this time of year, then remembered your funny temperature scale. in real units it's about 7. That's too cold for me to ride. Plus all the crap on the road, and drivers not expecting a bike? Trainer all the way.