Monday, February 25, 2013

Makin' it work – Week 24 training

Sometimes that is what life training is all about…makin’ it work. Last week was a recovery week and while I prefer to stare down a big volume week, I knew I had a ton of school work to do so it worked out well for me. Here’s how week 24 went down:

Monday: Rest day – done!
Tuesday: Running Speed work in below freezing temps – makes it really hard to breathe but I am happy to be working on speed more than I did last year
Wednesday: 75 minute spin class – some great hill and sprint work
Thursday: Took my rest day a day early so I could finish my biochem assignment. I prefer going to masters on Thursday evening but due dates didn't permit.
Friday: Thursdays swim at my gym, the pool situation seems to be getting worse and worse. It’s too hot, murky and the bottom is slick with something I don’t even want to think about. Can someone please open up a cheap heated outdoor pool near my house??? Thanks!
Saturday: Added a swim to Saturdays long ride for a swim-bike brick. 3.5 hour trainer ride was derailed by equipment failure
Sunday: 11 mile run turned into a two hour trainer ride plus some strength work because of a snow storm
We had this plus 10 more inches by the time we woke up this morning

Totals came to:
8 hours and 40 minutes
3,000 meters swimming
87 miles biking
5.91 miles running – fail

So the week didn’t go as planned but it could have been worse, at least it was just a recovery week. I am determined to fit in all workouts this week, it’s my biggest set so far. There is more snow in the forecast so hopefully I can at least get the work done inside. This week has about 18 hrs on the schedule if everything goes as planned. Finger crossed for 55 degrees on Saturday!
How is your week? Is winter making your life interesting?

How is your week? Is winter making your life interesting?


  1. Are you still in Base or in Build now?

    1. According to my schedule I am in "building Capacity" looks like you are going into base 2 now? I guess I shouldn't complain about "winter" here in Colorado compared to Ohio, huh? =)

  2. It was snowing AND raining at the same time yesterday!!! Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh