Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 19 Ironman Coeur d'Alene Training

Only 104 days until IMCDA! we are getting close to double digit count down, GULP! I am still waiting for my training volume to ramp up, it seems like we have been in a holding pattern for a while now. We are now in the last week of a big block before a recovery week. We then start a new phase of training, Capacity Building Phase. My dogs think we need less training and more couch time!

The plan for this week is:

Monday Hip and core exercises
Tuesday am: 2900 yd swim
pm: track practice: 7-8 miles plus Hip and core exercises
Wednesday am: 75 min spin class
pm: Vinyasa Yoga plus hip and core exercises
Thursday am: 75 min fartlek ladder run
pm: 2850 yd swim plus hip and core exercises
Friday am: 90 min spin class
pm: strength training hip and core exercises
Saturday Triple brick, bike 20 miles quick transition to 3 mile run, repeat 3 times.
Sunday Run 12-16 miles, not sure yet.....
pm: Vinyasa yoga

looks like it should be a good week but I am ready for some longer bike rides!

What does your week look like?


  1. My week looks more like what your puppies are doing! :)

  2. i think you and puppies need some snuggle time :-)

  3. Wow 104 days!!!!! It's getting close...

    My week looks pretty similar to yours with a little less hip/core work (although I'm starting to think I should add more) and hopefully a 70 mile ride on Saturday if it doesn't rain! If it rains, it might be a double brick on trainer!

    Have a great week!

  4. Great job Beth! Love to see the progress. The puppies will be ready for some good cuddle time once you cross the finish line.