Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy last day of Winter

We have been experiencing crazy warm weather lately. I know many people have been getting really weird/horrible weather, and while I have enjoyed our unseasonably warm weather and getting my workouts done outside, I am nervous about what it will mean for our spring/summer.

We are cooling down for a few days but then back to warm, nice weather. And while the warm weather makes training easier it does remind me that we are getting closer to Ironman Coeur d'Alene, just 97 short days away. It makes me nervous, will I be ready in time?!?!? I sure hope so.

In the mean time I am enjoying the spring flowers

and new strappy sandals.

We completed our 20/3 triple brick this weekend and enjoyed catching up sleep, but more on that later. This week has a focus on recovery before we head into a new phase of our training. We are moving from base building phase:

The BASE BUILDING PHASE is used to build the aerobic capacity. Although longer duration workouts at slower pace and intensity are predominant, there will be some training that will test your anaerobic base. Specific emphasis will be placed upon each discipline (swim, bike, or run). Depending upon when you begin your training schedule and your level of fitness, the Base Building Phase generally makes up the bulk of your training schedule

to Capacity Building Phase:

The CAPACITY BUILDING PHASE emphasizes developing your anaerobic capacity and increasing your lactate threshold level. Although you will have long aerobic sessions, speed and intensity will increase. Your weekly training hours will increase and 2 a day workouts will become a daily routine. Bricks and transition workouts will also become a regular part of your training during this phase. Your workouts will be more challenging and focusing on race pace.

So more intensity and time training. Wish us luck! I haven't seen a schedule yet but I am curious for what it will be like.

What is your weather like? Are you looking forward to spring?


  1. I have really enjoyed the warm weather! But it does make me concerned that we are going to have a hot summer!!!

    Here's to a great week of training!

  2. Having a blizzard today. Wow...getting closer to the big date. Anxious to see what your new training looks like. While reading what's in store for you, I was just telling myself "Nope, no way could I do all of that!" Good job this far and good luck with the upcoming trainings!

  3. Yay for warm weather! We had a big storm in San Diego but hopefully we get back to normal soon!

    I'm really looking forward to following your training in this next phase. Since I decided to coach myself, I don't have names for my "phases"....nor do I really have phases. I just kind of made my training plan a progression with every 4th week being recovery week.

    96 days to go til CdA! :)