Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Triple Brick #2

On Saturday Cory and I tackled our second triple brick of the season. This one was longer than our last, with a 20 mile bike ride immediately followed by a three mile run. Repeat that three times and you have a pretty tough workout, especially when the wind really picks up by the third set.

We are lucky that my mom and dad will puppy sit and let Cory and I swim bike and run around their picturesque neighborhood.

It was overcast on Saturday but still in the mid 70s so it was great conditions for a workout (except for that wind)

The first set was fairly easy, it was nice to break up the workout into smaller chunks.

Multiple bricks are a nice way to work on running off the bike. We tried to run hard for the first mile and half off the bike then finish the last mile and a half easy.

Second set was a little harder but I still felt strong.

It was nice to run around a little lake, tempting to try some open water swimming!

Third set was much harder, I need some more TITS (time in the saddle) as I was sore on the bike. I rode my road bike this weekend as riding my tt bike is still very uncomfortable, good thing I have a retul fit on Friday!

I was happy to be done after out third set and even happier to enjoy a BBQ with my family.

Do you do multi-bricks?


  1. WOW, I have not done multi-bricks. I am impressed by you and Cory. Great workout!

  2. I never have but they seem like a good way to keep things interesting! Good work!