Saturday, January 28, 2012

City Ten Miler

This morning Cory and I were about to head out the door to drive to trail to get our 10 mile run in wen I had the weirdest thought. I wanted to run in the city. I always want to run on trails, get out of town, and run somewhere new. I think it's a bit funny that I wanted to live right in Denver but I am always trying to get out of town when running or riding. But this morning we laced up our shoes and headed out into our own neighborhood for once. It was fun to take a little tour of downtown Denver on foot.

We ran past the art museum

we ran along the Cherry Creek Path before heading back home

Conference Center

and back past the art museum. We ran an 8 mile loop before stopping quickly at home to pick up Winston for the last 2 miles.

It's nice to take the little monster out to get his exercise too.
Overall it was a good run, my legs felt good and felt mostly light and easy. The best part was it was confidence building. We have been riding many 50+ mile rides and running miles in the double digits without difficulty a lot recently. I feel like I could complete a half ironman at this point in my training. I know that I couldn't do it fast but I think I could do it. Now I just need to work on merging speed and endurance before my race in April
Do you have confidence building workouts?
Big training plans for tomorrow?
I will be riding 53 miles of big hills then a 30 minute transition run, hopefully it goes well!


  1. I love when my legs feel good and light and easy!! It's pretty rare :-(

    Great work on your IM training!

  2. Yay for the confidence booster! Those workouts are always the greatest! Good luck with your brick! I'm sure you're going to do awesome.

  3. Sounds like an amazingly great run! :) Yay!!!