Sunday, January 8, 2012

IMCDA Week 10 Training Plan

After a week focusing on recovery, we are back at it full speed with week 10 (I can't believe it's been 10 weeks and we only have 24 weeks left, vomit). Things are getting more real now that it's 2012 and I am hoping to take more workouts outside!
Week 10 will look like this:
Monday Yoga and core work
Tuesday am: 2950 yd swim pm: 5 mile interval run
Wednesday 90 min spin class and 60 min strength training
Thursday am: 60 min endurance run pm: 2850 yd swim
Friday am: Strength training pm: 2 hr bike with time trial
Saturday : 9 mile trail run and a recovery swim
Sunday : 3 hr hill climb bike ride with 20 min transition run and a strength session
Total: 13 hours and 20 minutes total. This seems like so much and I think it will be closer to 20-24 hours a week in April/May. I have already started warning people at work that I will be tired and cranky all the time this spring!
With training taking up more and more time I am always looking for fast healthy foods. One of my new favorite breakfasts is Eggo Low Fat Whole Grain Waffles.

The stats look pretty good:
I like it with peanut butter and banana before a workout or with light spread and sugar free syrup
What does your week look like?
What is your favorite fast healthy food?


  1. per Coach we're heading into a big week this week then a recovery week. Today and tomorrow are pretty simple and then it ramps up. it's all good!!

    Keep plugging away :)

  2. yet another great training week which is why i'm reaching out.. unfortunately i didn't feel like I could tell Tina she didn't win based on discussions we had, but I feel bad you got booted. So if you'll email me your address and top/bottom size I will figure out something for you!

  3. You can do this!! Embrace every workout for THAT workout, and don't think too far ahead.. You're doing so awesome!!

  4. So yea... those numbers this early are almost enough to make me change my mind about ever doing a full. :) Great job!

  5. I'm also training for CDA! I'm just starting the base training (well, I'm in about week 4 of base training). Nice job with the workouts this week!

  6. My favorite fast healthy food is definitely a banana w/ natural peanut butter on top!

    You are swimming a lot more than me already...I really need to ramp that up!

  7. ditto what beth said - in base training for CDA! see you there!