Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Building Speed

Some of you may have noticed that I am not the fastest runner on the block. And while I am ok with not being the fastest I would like to be faster. And so enters speed work (duh) you have to practice running faster to race faster. I have been trying to get speed work in a couple times a week in different formats and I am getting a little bit faster! Something that I had to learn for myself was that it should be uncomfortable to improve. You always see elite runners floating by like it’s nothing but if they are pushing it, then they are uncomfortable too.

I had a great speed session yesterday on the treadmill (I can only do speed work on the treadmill or track, I don’t know how people do it on the streets).

Warm up jog – 2 miles
Increase the pace as the hard effort runs get shorter
1x1600 or 9 minutes w/ 400 (4 minutes) easy recovery jog
1x1200 or 7 minutes w/ 400 easy recovery jog
1x800 or 5 minutes w/ 400 easy recovery jog
1x400 or 3 minutes w/ 400 easy recovery jog
Cool down - 1 mile easy jog

It felt really good and I can tell I am improving. I am happy to be seeing results after just one month back to running and with Coach.

Unfortunately I had to cut my cool down short so I could make it to my stress test to see if I had exercise induced asthma. I was put on a treadmill where I had to breath in cold oxygen with my nose plugged and all kinds of sensors hooked up to me.


This is obviously not me but it gives you an idea. The test was not fun, I felt like I was going to pass out, I was drooling and sweating and trying not to fall over. All of that work and the Dr. Couldn’t scope my throat because my nasal passages are too small. BUT the good news is that I do not have asthma, in fact I have great lung function and my heart is healthy and strong =)

After my crappy hospital visit Cory took me here


I hadn’t been able to eat at all before the test and I was starving! I loaded myself up and it made my day all better.

Do you do speed work? Have you noticed a difference?

Are you addicted to Fro-Yo?
I am so I try not to go too often or it becomes a shame spiral.


  1. just did some speed today. Felt great. Definitely makes us stronger! Way to go girl! This test sounds like NO Fun!

  2. I do speed work at least once a week and have noticed a huge difference this past year. I hate doing it, but I am finally seeing the results I want so will continue.

    I love Fro-Yo. I wish we a place to go to that is closer by.

  3. Speed work TOTALLY helps, you see results quickly!!! I only do it on the street, but I live in the middle of nowhere...I have a flat part of the road marked out in different distances. WOULD be easier on the track (speedwork on TM sounds hellish to me) but I just don't have one near me.

  4. I've recently started doing a bit of speedwork and I really feel like it's helping! I'm slow as a snail, and although I'm still not fast, I've definitely noticed improvement!

  5. Speed will come after 8-10 week of consisant training, its tough, but it works, you will see big improvements

    We dont have FroYo

  6. I don't do speed work as much as I should, but I know that this year I'll be adding it more. I too, want to get faster and we know that if you want to get faster, you have to train faster! :)

    Great news on not having asthma! :) And yay for the yogurt!