Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Trail Runs in Colorado

Happy Thanksgiving (to my US readers) I am excited to spend the day giving thanks, doing a Turkey Trot with my entire family, watching movies and easting lots of great food. It will be a day of relaxing and finding peace. Luckily my contribution of pies will be baked this evening so I can mostly relax tomorrow.
I haven’t made tome to share much lately to I thought I would bomb you with some trail porn. Given my upcoming trail ultra marathon I have been spending my weekends climbing and descending. So here are some great local trails if live or ever visit Colorado.

Golden Gate Park: Lots of great trails that can keep you running for 30+ miles.

Centennial Cone: There is a 12 mile loop with approximately 3 mile spur to a lower parking lot, add that on as an out and back and you have a great 18 mile run.

Lory State Park: miles and miles of trails can be strung together here, we planned out a 20 mile course but you could run shorter or longer easily. This trail has been my favorite so far in Colorado. Tons of climbing but the trail is interesting and the views are incredible. This one was furthest from home but I will definitely be back!

So that's what my weekends have looked like, what have you been up to? Any big plans for the holiday weekend?


  1. I've been envious of these gorgeous photos on your Instagram feed! Looks like your ultra training is going well!
    I really wish we lived in the mountains. But, at least we have them close by for weekend escapes!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun at the Turkey Trot!

    1. Maybe I can come join you in Jasper and you can visit me on Colorado some day =)

  2. Gorgeous pics, Beth! Serious trail envy… can I join you when my heel is rested?! :) Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and long holiday weekend!