Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Athlete Wish List - Swim!

Hard to believe that it's almost Thanksgiving and given this years' late date it means even less time to shop for holiday gifts. I thought I would share some holiday wish lists for the athletes in your life, or to possibly add to your own list. I'm starting with swim goodies but will move onto biking, running and other fun items. 
Swim Wish List

1. A Swim Buoy to work on arm strength and rest your tired legs

2. Splish has fun suits to keep you smiling when swimming lap after lap while it's cold and dark outside

3. Zoot Prophet is my fantasy swim gift if you are looking to spend big bucks

4. Keep things interesting with this waterproof mp3 player

5. Many people swear by chlorine removing hair products but I find they dry out my hair and skin even more, I really like this product from Philosophy. It comes in fun scents and is a shampoo and body wash in one so it saves space in my swim bag.  

What's on your wish list? 


  1. Great ideas! We have our own pull buoy and I love using it instead of the sometimes moldy pool ones!

  2. OHH helpful for someone who may need to do more swimming next year!!

    1. I knew you caught the tri bug in Kona! What race are you thinking?

  3. Super ideas, Beth! Those headphones would be so nice for the pool… I always wish for underwater speakers during really long workouts :) Love philosophy products… staples in my shower, too!

  4. I love those Philosphy body washes! They definitely work well to help get rid of that chlorine smell.