Friday, March 22, 2013

Cabo San Lucas 2013

Ouch, I have been under a rock for almost a month, not hiding more like buried, and I don't see that changing any time before August. But I shouldn't complain I make my own schedule and I just got home from a sunny Mexican vacation =)
Cory and I planned a quick five day get away to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate being together for ten years as well as a fun break from Colorado's winter. It was in the low 80s and low humidity so very comfortable. It was actually a little chilly in the morning and evening so if I were to go back next year I would bring more sweaters. We stayed at one of the local resorts, it was nice but kind of cookie cutter.
There were a lot of "spring breakers" staying at the hotel, luckily it was quiet by our room but I am not sure everyone was so lucky. We had a great time and tried to enjoy the sun and the ocean as much as possible. We borrowed a sea kayak from the hotel and paddled our way over the famous Cabo arch and Lovers beach. When I first looked how far it was away I was skeptical that we could paddle the entire way over and back but little did I know how easy it is to paddle a kayak, getting up on the beach is another story, we completely rolled over on the way in.  20130322-103002.jpgDSCN7799.JPG
We ate (and drank) a lot of great Mexican food20130322-103403.jpg
We went whale watching and checked out the town but our favorite part of the trip was spectating Ironman Los Cabos
We had the best time chasing athletes all over and cheering until our throats hurt. Ironman Los Cabos from the spectator point of view deserves it's own post so look for that in the near future.

Now it's back to reality and trying to dig out from under the rock!

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