Thursday, February 23, 2012

Holy Crap Colorado!

You would think I would be used to it but now, I have lived in Colorado for almost three years now. But I just can't get used to the crazy weather here. It was over 60 degrees yesterday and this morning we woke to poring snow with 2-5 inches accumulation.

I am hoping that we are getting all of this snow out of the way now so March will be nice a warm, wishful thinking I know.

It is supposed to warm up again for this weekend, so i hope this will all melt by then.

I have a 60 mile ride on the schedule for Saturday and would really like to not spend 4 hours on my trainer.

I am a wussy about riding in the cold, won't go out in anything lower than 40 degrees. I know I could get better gear and be more comfortable but I am just too cheap. I also won't run in anything less than 10 degrees, I know some people will head out in almost anything but it just hurts too much and I wold rather head inside to the treadmill or trainer.

What are your boundaries, or are you hard core and will go outside in just about anything?


  1. I know!!! This weather is just crazy! I am sooo happy that I got outside for a 9M run yesterday! I really hope it will be as nice as they're predicting on Saturday!

    1. Me too! I couldn't feel my feet the last two times I road outside.

  2. The weather is freakin' crazy this week. I wish the weather would be nice on Sunday because I really want to ride outside. I will ride outside until the weather dips below 40 degrees. I have run outside in temps below 20 degrees but I prefer the treadmill most of the time. I know I am weird but the treadmill is my friend.

    I hope you have a great weekend and get to ride on Saturday!

  3. (Hi,just browsing though blogs....)In SLC, the weather can be crazy, but unless the roads are icy, i'm okay to face the cold. The only time i don't go out is when the air quality is awful!

  4. The snow looks pretty... we haven't had any yet! :(

    I am a total wuss - I won't go out on my bike unless it's like 55* and sunny! :) I'll run in just about anything though!

  5. And what about the wind? Holy Moly!