Saturday, October 5, 2013

So What's Next?

After finishing Tahoe I gave myself a full week off to do nothing but enjoy life, let my body heal and not think about training one little bit.

2013-09-24 12.50.20.jpg

I felt great, I had a lot of extra time that I mostly spent relaxing, with a little holiday decorating, baking and working thrown in. THe second week after Tahoe I worked out a little but just what I wanted to do, weight training here, trail running there but not on any schedule. WHile I enjoyed the break I am starting to crave a schedule again, I take this as a good sign that I am doing a good job at the mental side of recovery. I will take one more week of working out when I want to but try to get in a little more so it won't be too big of a shock. Then I will get back to work, because I have three big A races that I am already registered for next year.

So here's what's next….

First up will be my first crack at an ultra distance trail race. Cory and I signed up for Orcas Island 50k in Washington on February 1st. I am so excited to spend more time on the trails this winter with Cory.IMG_0012.jpg

Next up will be Ironman Los Cabos in Mexico, I was lucky enough to spectate last year and when I got 20% off for participating in Ironman Lake Tahoe the deal was sealed. On March 30th I will be toeing the line myself.

Ironman Los Cabos.JPG

Lastly I will participate in Ironman Canada in Whistler on July 27th. After seeing all the photos and reports from this year I am excited for my turn to participate in this race.

Ironman Canada Mountains.jpeg

After that I think I would like to do more trail running, maybe even a 50 miler, but I will wait until after Orcas to see how I like the distance.

So there it is, any big plans for 2014?


  1. Wow- you sure do have an exciting year ahead! I can't wait to hear about all, but especially the Orcas 50k! Have you done one before? I bet it'll be gorgeous!
    I have no idea what my 2014 plans are yet. I have a few different ideas, but I need to think about them a bit longer!

  2. I have my first 50 miler on the plans for 2014! I did my first 50k this year in June and LOVED it - I'm sure you will, too!!

  3. I'm so excited about your year! And, not gonna lie, I'm just a wee bit jealous you're racing Canada :) That race will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I will race there again. Hit me up if you have questions about the course!

    My 2014 calendar only has one race (so far): IMMoo. Excited to race so close to home!