Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On the Road to Tahoe

It's go time! This last weekend was full of shopping, prepping, making lists, making piles and packing bags.
Tahoe Packing.JPG
I found it challenging to pack for this trip because I am not used to the cool weather that we will have in Tahoe. Which jacket will I wear on race day? Who knows, let's just throw in all of them! The picture above is about a third of the clothes I packed. While my body has had some aches and pains normal to taper I have enjoyed it, I feel like I should hate it but my body and mind was ready for a rest. I enjoyed easier rides.
Bike - break.JPG
And some time to enjoy fall treatsTreats.JPG

Today I am excited to start our journey by driving from Denver to a state park near Park City, Utah.
Denver to UT.png
We decided instead of staying in a generic hotel that we would camp for the evening. We really love to camp and haven't gone this year so this was a chance to get at least one night in before it gets too cold. It's about an 8.5 hour drive through the mountains and will be BEAUTIFUL. Tomorrow we will drive another 8.5 hours from Utah to Tahoe.
UT to CA.png
I imagine this part will be less scenic but we have lots of audio books to keep us entertained. Must go pack up the car, catch you guys in Cali!


  1. Safe travels! I just read about how chilly the weather will be at the start. Dress warm for the beginning of the bike :)

  2. Hooray! Safe travels! I packed far too much for IM Canada, too… but, better to have too much than be missing a key piece for race day :)

  3. Enjoy your reward for all your hard work

  4. Have a great race tomorrow - remember the cold is only temporary :) Will make for a nice run!