Monday, October 15, 2012

First Big Week Back

I won’t call it Ironman training since I still have more than 11 months until Ironman Lake Tahoe so I will just say I was back to training. Last week was my biggest volume week since finishing IMCDA and I am feeling it today! It feels really good to be back at it but also reminds me of how sore and tired I was all the time last spring. I really need to nail down some recovery aids, I know what to do but am sometimes just to lazy/busy to do it. Here was last week in review:

Monday: easy six mile run before work then 60 minute body pump in the afternoon
Tuesday: Track practice including 1 mile time trials
Wednesday: 90 minute spin class and body pump
Thursday: 45 minutes Yoga
Friday: 90 minute spin into a hard 20 minute transition run and strength training in the evening
Saturday: 11 mile hilly trail run (was supposed to do strength training but watched OSU beat BYU while following Kona live, priorities!) this run was SO beautiful!


Sunday: 66 mile hilly ride with fast friends (easy ride for them, pushing it for me;) No pictures from the ride since we forgot our camera but it was a great way to enjoy the fall colors!

It was a good week, total hours came to something like 16ish hours training. This week is fairly similar with some juggling for two evening events at work and traveling on Sunday.

What does a big training week look like to you? Last week was biggish with 16+ hours of training, really big will be more like 22+ hours.


  1. Great job getting it done! Last week was intense, because I was trying to help our fitness challenge team get points. This week should be a little more bearable, since it's a post race recovery week!

  2. Hey, congrats on finishing Ironman CDA! It sounds like you're getting back into some good training. Do you have any advice for newbies to Ironman races?

  3. Nice to see the efforts put in finishing IMCDA. It surely looks like a big training week.