Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 22 Ironman Coeur d'Alene Training

Traveling will throw this week off a bit since I don't return home until late tonight and probably won't be ready to get up early tomorrow morning for our normal Tuesday swim. So to compensate I am going to try to get a swim in today before leaving Portland. But I can't wait to get home and see this guy.....

Oh, and my husband.

Here is the plan for this week:

Monday: swim 2700 meters, this will be a good one for today since my legs are still sore from yesterday's half marathon.

Tuesday: pm- 8-9 mile track workout and hip/core exercises, this might kill me if my legs haven't recovered.

Wednesday: am- 80 min spin class
pm- 80 min pilates and hip/core exercises

Thursday: am- 2800 m swim
pm 90 min Fartlek run and hip/core exercises

Friday: am- 90 min spin
pm- 80 min strength training

Saturday: Bike focus brick 70 mile ride with a short transition to a 3 mile run

Sunday: 15 mile run, I am hoping for a trail run and at least 60 min strength training

That makes our totals for this week around 22 hours and 158 miles give or take a little. The time training is really starting to add up, now that it's April its time to buckle down and focus! I knew that April and May would be the hardest months so now I just need to put in the work, no excuses!

What is the most time/distance you have ever trained in a week?

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  1. Hi! I recently found your blog and wow, what an inspiration! I love to run and I have two marathons under my belt and registered for a third. I am secretly dying to purchase a bike though and mix things up a bit! I look forward to reading more about your ironman training and will definitely be cheering you on! What an amazing thing to do!!! You rock!!

    1. Hey Britton- Nice to "meet" you. Awesome job on two marathons and working on your third, so impressive! I have heard that biking will help you run hills better, I am still waiting for that to pay off ;)

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    1. Thanks Christi, it's good to be home!

  3. Ah this is definitely making me realize how CLOSE we are to the race! 11.5 weeks! Sicne I'm recovery from a 70.3 this week is easy but the next two months I'm expecting 18-22 hour weeks. Just reading your schedule for the week makes me tired! :) Anyway, hope it's going well!

  4. Wow--great workout week! I'm new to your you guys have a coach, or did you create your training plan?

  5. This is impressive! Very cool!